TRDM invites every fan of Crossover/Thrash Metal to CROSS OVER CRACOW 5 – quite unique Thrash Metal Party, which is organised only once a year! The part will take place in Kot Karola, 12 Dec 14. You will have a chance to hear and see: Crippled Fox (Hungary), Whorehouse, Fortress and Terrordome. See you!

Ticket’s pre-sale 15PLN
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Cross Over Cracow 5 - Crippled Fox, Terrordome, Whorehouse, Fortress

Tom the Srom leaves Terrordome!

Unfortunately! After six intensive years with Terrordome, our bassist Tom the Srom leaves the band. Boxes of empty bottles, tens of talked hours and more than on hundred of live performances! For this occasion, we have prepared the farewell video, which will remind us of these awesome moments. Of course it is not the end – Tom will still chip in the metal underground and we are sure he will take you by surprise with some new project! Good luck bro!

Terrordome – Beerbong Tour 2013 Report!

Terrordome and Schizma with Anthrax!

More information: on the official Knockout Productions website

Cross Over Chaos tour report!

Sit down comfortably, open up your beer and switch on our awesome report from CROSS OVER CHAOS tour!
The July tour led through countries like Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, France and Switzerland. It was the first official European tour of Terrordome! Enjoy it!

Terrordome – We’ll Show You Bosch, Mitch!

Terrordome slaps you in the face with their new shit! 50 minutes compilation full of songs taken from first mini album, singles, splits plus some extra tracks and live material that will make your head bang against your bathtub or whatever nearest to you!

We’ll Show You Bosch, Mitch! is a CD closed in plastic jewel box CD with 8pages booklet including photos taken by Lukasz Jaszak (Photos, inter alia, for Decapitated, Vomitory)

Band’s publisher is Cracow label Defense Records.

All for 20PLN/5EUR/7USD + Shipment.
Pre-orders (only via ) will be awarded with bonus Terrordome badge and a pin.
(CD’s will be sent during the premiere day, on 27 February 20124)

Zamówienia: lub oraz

01. Advancing Constantly: Prelude to Terror
02. Sickness Among Us
03. Boiling Dogsblood
04. Fuckbody
05. Worry Yourself To Death
06. Madcap Terror
07. Occupation: Son
08. Goddamn Asskicking Well
09. Raw Skit #1 – Vodka & Pizza
10. Revolving Ignorance
11. Dickhead Stronger
12. Pathological
13. Pinche Pendejos
14. Speak English Or Gay
15. Raw Skit #2 – TxGx is in the House
16. Brutal Punishment
17. The Final Regret
18. Arthur the Catamite
19. Cross Over Cracow
20. Friends From the Gym
21. Hang the Cop
22. Artur Katamita
23. Silence (While the Violence is On) (live)
24. Thrash till Deaf (live)
25. Cross Over Warsaw (live)
26. Embodimental (live)
27. Madcap Terror (live)
28. The Whole Audience Goes Full Blast (live)